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Members of the SIS team. Clockwise from top left: Taka Watanabe, Lauren Rudick, Lindsay Van Ostenbridge, and Amber Green.

The problem solvers

SIS identifies and meets student’s most urgent needs. When a pattern emerges, like when students go from bringing a pen and notebook to class to taking notes on personal laptops, SIS works to formalize partnerships with other offices to anticipate the shift

Carola Agostini and Xandro Xu at Qpenn 2022

Student Spotlight: Xandro Xu

If you don’t already know, I am Carola Agostini, a freshman here at the University of Pennsylvania. My goal, with the help of University Life,

Aditi Singh

Student Spotlight: Aditi Singh

Aditi started working as a tutor during her freshman year. She focused on math and science because she describes herself as a “STEM nerd.”

The iconic “Frienship Gate” at 10th and Arch St. marks the entrance to Philadelphia’s historic Chinatown.

A charter bus to Chinatown

Launched in 2021 by a student-led initiative, the biweekly bus service connects students with local businesses in Philadelphia’s Chinatown.

Oliver Kaplan in a blue jacket standing outside on Penn's campus

Change of Plan

During the pandemic, Oliver Kaplan transferred to Penn looking for a fresh start. A philosophy class altered his academic focus; he now hopes to shape

Gloria Lee at the Ice Rink

Winter solace

From the Class of 1923 arena to La Casa Latina, four students speak to what motivates them through the season.

The Penn Lions train for Lunar New Year. This year’s choreography features a tussle between two lions.

Penn Lions in the Year of the Tiger

Dripping rain falls through barren branches along Locust Walk late on a Thursday night. Students hurry past, unwilling to linger in the unhospitable February weather.