The Quiet Period: What Is it? What Can I Do?

The “Quiet Period” will last from January move-in until February 1, 2021. This is a time for students to focus on COVID-19 testing and keeping the community safe and healthy. Students may engage in only limited, essential movement. After the Quiet Period, if the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and Penn Community positivity rates allow, campus facilities will begin to reopen for student access. 

College Houses: During the Quiet Period, essential spaces such as bathrooms and laundry rooms will remain open. Large, open spaces – such as rooftop lounges, living rooms, courtyards, mezzanines, and some large study spaces will remain open for individual studying during the Quiet Period. Computer labs, lockable lounges, and tech spaces will be closed during the Quiet Period. 

Allowable Quiet Period activities for undergraduate students living on campus, in College Houses, includes: 

  • Continuing research, lab, or clinical activities as approved by schools.
  • Engaging in outdoor exercise or recreation – wearing masks, the physical distance of at least 6 feet. 
  • Spending time outdoors on campus – wearing maskskeeping a physical distance of at least 6 feet – with no more than 10 students who live in College Houses 
  • Accessing grab-and-go dining from designated Penn Dining facilities while wearing masks and keeping a physical distance of at least 6 feet. 
  • Ordering contactless food delivery directly to residential buildings while wearing masks and keeping a physical distance of at least 6 feet. 
  • Going to University COVID-19 testing sites. 
  • Receiving care and support from Wellness Services. 
  • Working on roommate/suitemate agreement, pod agreements, and quarantine plans in case of exposure. 

Undergraduate students living off-campus, in private residences, may participate in the same above allowable activities – as long as off-campus students restrict activities to those they live with off-campus.

Regardless of whether students live on campus in College Houses or off-campus in a private residence, gathering indoors with people outside of those you live with is strictly prohibited by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. This includes seeing intimate partners if they do not live together. Check here for updates.