Strategic Planning and Operations Leadership Team

The Strategic Planning & Operations team specializes in communications, design, and operations within University Life at Penn. Through our work, we create a meaningful and value-driven environment for University Life staff, who are integral contributors to student success at Penn.

We are collaborators, creatives, and communicators. Get to know us.

Saleem Curry stands outdoors
Saleem M. Curry, MPM he/him
Director of Space and Events Management

Saleem is responsible for the overall management and operational needs related to collaborative University Life spaces, with a specific focus on Houston Hall – the oldest operating student union in the country. He oversees a dynamic team who create meaningful experiences for the campus community through the implementation of services and programs.

Laurie McCaffrey
Laurie McCaffrey she/her
Director of Strategic Initiatives

Laurie drives divisional strategy and organizational effectiveness through collaborative planning and partnership. She oversees large-scale divisional projects, communications, onboarding initiatives, funding priorities, gift management, and alumni engagement. Laurie actively collaborates on marketing strategies aimed at promoting and amplifying the diverse array of events, resources, and training programs crafted by departments and campus partners for the benefit of students. 

Marjan Osman Gartland
Marjan Osman Gartland she/her
Director of Creative Strategy and Design

Marjan leads the divisional creative strategy by maintaining brand standards and visual identities of all University Life departments. She oversees large-scale visual design projects, ensuring a cohesive and compelling brand presence while providing design training and education to University Life staff. Marjan manages web accessibility, design principles, and print design through initiatives like the Design Ambassadors Certification Program and Design Roundtables.  

Sarah Flores on Locust Walk
Sarah Flores she/her
Associate Director of Graphic Design

Sarah adeptly manages the daily operational needs of the design team, ensuring seamless workflow and efficiency. She plays a pivotal role as a co-leader in design working sessions, contributing to the collaborative and creative process. Sarah takes the initiative to create templates for content creator usage, streamlining design processes. Additionally, she efficiently manages and organizes departmental requests through the design request form, facilitating clear communication and prioritization.  

Alan Doan Headshot
Alan Doan he/him
Web Applications Developer

Reporting to Technology Services, Alan assumes responsibility for managing all backend website needs, including plugins, stylesheets, CMS, and hosting, ensuring the seamless functionality of the online platform. He actively oversees the maintenance of the divisional calendar, contributing to the organization and accessibility of key events and dates. Alan also serves as a co-leader in design working sessions, collaborating with the team to drive creative and technical excellence in web development projects.  

Isha Reddy
Isha Reddy she/her
Student Intern, Wharton School Undergraduate

Isha plays a crucial role in supporting communication efforts. She is responsible for updating and maintaining the division’s website, ensuring current and visually appealing content. She manages printing tasks, creating brochures and promotional materials to contribute to the overall communication strategy.  

Antoine Dodson Headshot
Antoine J.A. Dodson he/him
Administrative Coordinator

Antoine is instrumental in maintaining welcoming environment for the University Life office at 3609-11 Locust Walk. He oversees the seamless organization of front-of-house needs, all administrative functions, and is responsible for facilitating onboarding initiatives.

Alexa Duffy Headshot
Alexa Anastasia Duffy she/her
Administrative Coordinator

Alexa plays a vital role in maintaining efficient operations. She is responsible for coordinating administrative tasks and ensuring seamless day-to-day functions. Alexa assists in scheduling and organizing meetings, handling correspondence, and managing office supplies. Her role also involves supporting departmental initiatives, facilitating communication between team members, and contributing to the overall organizational efficiency. She directly supports Laurie Hall and Will Atkins, Associate Vice Provosts in University Life.  


The Design Ambassadors (DesignAMBS) are volunteer University Life staff members interested in expanding their design and communication skillsets. They serve as additional point-people for other staff within the division and can assist with basic design requests, provide feedback, and ensure accessibility. 

If interested in participating, please contact Marjan Gartland or Laurie McCaffrey. 

DesignAMBS 2023 – 2024

Rachael Garrett Canfield
Rachael Garrett Canfield Fraternity & Sorority Life
Emily Giffin
Emily Giffin Community Care
Roseilyn Guzman
Roseilyn Guzman La Casa Latina
Michelle Gilliard Houston
Michelle Gilliard Houston Makuu: The Black Cultural Center
Sabria Kegler
Sabria Kegler Weingarten Center
Elsie Lopez
Elsie Lopez La Casa Latina
Simuelle Myers
Simuelle Myers Weingarten Center
Ben Naroden
Ben Naroden Space and Events Management
Michael Sievers
Michael Sievers Office of Student Affairs