SALT Quarterly Meetings

SALT Quarterly Meetings offer regular opportunities for in-depth learning and conversation surrounding topical issues in the student affairs profession.  Quarterly Meetings are managed by the Professional Development Committee and showcase panelists and individual speakers from all areas of the Penn Community including students, staff, and faculty.

Past Quarterly Meetings


March 2022
Retention in Higher Education Student Affairs during a Pandemic

September 2022
ACPA/ASHE Presidential Symposium Lunch and Learn

November 2022
The Shared Responsibility of Disability Inclusion & Accessibility


September 2021
Departmental Messaging

December 2021
SALT Campus Tour and Lunch


March 2020
Our Identities at Work: A guided reflection on Power, Privilege & Identity

October 2020
Embracing Anti-Racism: Private Praxis

December 2020
Supporting Students Virtually & Creating Meaningful Online Relationships


March 2019
Conversations on Impact and Interventions of Sexual Violence with Penn Violence Prevention & the Penn Anti-Violence Educators

October 2019
Interrupting Hazing Culture at Penn

December 2019
Safety in Modern Times


March 2018
To Inclusivity and Beyond!

October 2018
The High-Wire Balancing Act of Self-Care for You and Your Students

December 2018
Student Financial Resources


March 2017
Understanding Media Portrayals of Transgender people and Supporting Transgender Students on Campus

October 2017
Thriving Through Free Speech on a Diverse and Inclusive Campus

December 2017
A Day in the Life: Student Athletes at Penn


October 2016
Best Practices for Student Affairs Personnel to Manage Social Media

December 2016
Healthy Ways for Students to Use Social Media


October 2015
Helping Our Student With Self-Discovery

December 2015
Helping Students Discover Community


March 2014
Talking About My Generation: How We Hear & Work With Each Other and Our Students

December 2014
Health Assessment Data for Penn Students


March 2013
Responding to Students in Crisis

September 2013
Civic Voices & Engagement on Campus

December 2013
Engaging Alumni in Student Affairs


March 2012
Graduate and Professional Student Life

September 2012
International Students

December 2012
Religious and Faith Based Life


March 2011
How Students Learn

October 2011
Gender and Leadership

December 2011
Violence Prevention Work at Penn


September 2010

December 2010
Taking care of yourself in stressful times: For your students, for you