FGLI Staff

The FGLI Program is led by Greenfield Intercultural Center Director Valerie DeCruz. Keisha Johnson also serves the FGLI Program community in her role as Director of the PennKIPP Partnership, as manyof the KIPP alumni attending Penn also identify as FGLI. Issac Silber supports this work with a focus on connecting FGLI students to Academic/Library Resources.

The FGLI Program Staff work with students individually and in groups to help address any issues or concerns. The staff also work closely with Penn First, the University’s first student group of FGLI students, to help the organization serve and advocate for its constituents.

Person 3 from Career Servcies
Valerie De Cruz Director
Greenfield Intercultural Center/FGLI Program
Person 2 from La Casa
Toyce Holmes Program Coordinator
FGLI Program

Albert M. Greenfield Intercultural Center

FGLI Program Suite, Second Floor
3708 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104 – 6188

Phone: (215) 898-3358
Fax: (215) 573-2597