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Instructional Design/Technology Director for the Integrated Care Initiative, Weingarten Center

Job Description

The Instructional Design/Technology Director position represents the Weingarten Center’s Integrated Care initiative with the goal to address the diverse educational needs of Penn students. The mission of the Weingarten Center is to empower students and provide them with strategies to incorporate in their learning repertoire. The incumbent serves as a nexus between the classroom experience and student learning. Well-versed in pedagogical approaches in using technology, the incumbent interfaces with students, Weingarten Center staff, and academic departments, such as the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Online Learning Initiative. The Director promotes the mission and services of the Weingarten Center by attending University meetings and events with attention to Universal Design. The Director’s initiatives embody the innovative spirit of University of Pennsylvania.


  • Determine technology services and products for students to integrate within their learning strategies and for Weingarten Center staff to incorporate in their approaches in handling their position responsibilities.
  • To create and cultivate relationships with University academic entities, such as Center for Teaching and Learning, Online Teaching Initiative, and academic departments and promote the pedagogical elements and benefits of Universal Design.
  • Create and teach workshops for a variety of audiences on topics ranging from incorporating technology in instructional design to using applications to strengthen study strategies.
  • To collaborate with the Associate Director of Assistive Technology in Disability Services.
  • To assist the Weingarten Center with website updates and social media platforms.
  • Attend Weingarten Center meetings (Disability Services, Learning Specialists, Tutoring, all Weingarten staff) and serve as a consultant for staff to integrate technology in their work to enhance their professional development.
  • To participate in the Weingarten Leadership team meetings and activities.


Pay Rate

$61,046.00 - $95,972.00

Job Post Date

January 5, 2023

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